About VEUO

The VEUO is a representative organisation of listed companies which looks after the interests of companies listed at Euronext Amsterdam. Our purpose is to contribute to a well-functioning capital market in which listed companies can flourish. The basis for the VEUO’s mission is the firm conviction that listed companies are important to the Netherlands - more specifically, to its economy and investors - and that the interests of listed companies deserve attention. Listed companies represent the highest standards in terms of quality of people, products and governance.

With this in mind, the VEUO keeps a close eye on all developments regarding new regulations for listed companies; more specifically, that new regulations and their supervision do not end up leaving listed companies at a disadvantage. Key considerations include ensuring that regulations leave room for entrepreneurship and other unique situations, and that they are and remain manageable; particularly for the benefit of smaller listed companies. The VEUO is also involved in lobbying efforts aimed at bringing often burdensome laws and regulations into line with the practical needs of the market.

In addition to the field of legislation, there is plenty for the VEUO to do in other areas. This includes, promoting an attractive climate for listed companies in general, and representing the interests of listed companies on a broader scale. To that end, the VEUO is in close contact with numerous organisations and government institutions such as relevant ministries, members of both chambers of the Dutch parliament, the financial markets supervisor AFM, the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee, Euronext Amsterdam, employer representative organisation VNO-NCW and various others.

A great deal of attention is also paid to providing information to our members. We actively keep them informed of developments that may be relevant to listed companies in both regulatory and practical terms. VEUO members receive updates detailing recent and anticipated legislative developments. Furthermore, attention is paid to the more practical do's and don'ts, for example where the AFM has issued new guidance.

In order to keep track of developments at a European level, the VEUO is a member of the umbrella organisation EuropeanIssuers. EuropeanIssuers is a representative organisation which serves the interests of European listed companies in their dealings with European regulators and supervisors. The VEUO makes grateful use of the work of EuropeanIssuers; at the same time, EuropeanIssuers is an important channel that enables the VEUO to give voice to the views of the VEUO and its members across the European arena as well.